What comes to your mind when I say “Travel”??

Bus, train or a flight?

Fun trip with friends or long chats with family?

Here’s a new story . A story that you might like.

It was 26th of December 2013. It was the most awaited day of the year . You know why? That was the day when I was finally getting rid of my final exams of the semester. Plus I was getting an incentive. A trip to US. My parents and my brother were already there ,waiting for me . I pushed myself to focus on my exams only because of this trip I had. I mean it is a great deal to anybody who has never left the country. After you complete your exams you certainly need a big bang break.

My flight was scheduled to Doha at 4.25 a.m. My uncle dropped me to the airport by around 12.45 a.m. After I enter the airport , I realised that the flight has been delayed by an hour. Now this is something that is supposed to irritate you when you have not slept for 2 nights at a stretch.And it irritates even more when you are standing in a queue for your boarding since the past 1.5 hours with a growling stomach that is threatening you to feed it .

That was not a so good day , I suppose. Because a couple of flights were delayed due to the naughty weather of winter which was determined to give some troubles to the inhabitants of the nature.

Some how I tried to speak to the officials at the counter and I got to hear that “Mam, you have to wait. We shall arrange for your boarding pass by 3.30 a.m.” It was about 2.30 at that time. Wth was that supposed to mean. I have to wait for another freaking hour with a luggage in my hand. Luckily I spotted a CCD there.I thought atleast I could relieve myself of the hunger that my stomach has been bothering me from such a time. But as soon as I went to the counter I found out that there was nothing worthwhile to eat at the lounge there. Apart from that, the prices were so exorbitantly high. I finally had to settle down at Samosa.For those who are not from India, Samosa is an Indian dish that is deep fried and filled with onions , potatoes and peas.


I had to pay almost like 30 rs for a samosa. Outside I get it at rs 10. Inside my college campus , we have a vendor who prepares amazing samosa only at rs 10. This day I found out that often the things that cost much never satisfies you. Economics troubles!!!!

Anyways on the other side of the globe , my parents were frantic about my flight as soon as they heard about the delay in my flight. And on the other side , my uncle and aunt were waiting in the chilly cold weather outside. I asked them to return back as that would result in more trouble to them and I didn’t want to bother them much.

Well anyways finally at 3.50 , I finally got my boarding pass after begging the officials explaining them my situation. Okay , I know I’m exaggerating. I didn’t beg them , but I had to approach them so many times. And some officials started showing me a attitude as if they were doing me a favour. Dude!!! I’m your customer. You’re not supposed to behave like this. Somebody please tell them.

Anyways finally I proceeded to the immigration counter where the officer asked me a couple of questions and I went to the boarding lounge. After this it was a smooth journey. I boarded the flight. And I must tell you all Qatar Airways is really good. Even the interiors of the flight were really good. I don’t know why, but I’m so much obsessed with the window seat. Be it in the car , train , bus , ship or flight. Seats next to the windows are always desirable.Keeping this in mind, my brother had booked a ticket for me next to the window.

After i seated myself in the flight , the only thing i cared was for the take off. There is something about the take off. I love that chill that runs through your spines when the flight takes off. When it leaves the earth to fly with the sky.Amazing feeling.

Anyways, after this I dozed off into what we call as an eternal sleep . Well not exactly but I had 3 hours of peaceful sleep. Almost three hours post my sleep we were nearing Doha. It was one of the spectacular sights to see. The airport is very much near to the sea. As you are landing , you feel a chill that runs through your nerves as you touch the earth. Well, after the landing , all the passengers boarding to Houston were to be taken to another terminal. BTW i forgot to tell you all I had a connecting flight from Doha to Newyork, but since my flight was delayed from Bangalore itself , I was unable to catch a flight to New York. The result of which was that I had to take a flight to Houston , instead of New York. And I forgot to tell you one more thing . My final destination is Boston. Anyways after this point , the security check went smoothly . And I boarded my flight to Houston. To my horror, I found out that I was seated in the middle most seat of the middle most row. Now that is something I would never have put up with. But since I was traveling alone I couldn’t show my high end tantrums here. Oops!! I forgot to tell you all that I was traveling alone. My parents have always been protective about me. They were protective to send me from Mysore to Bangalore. And this was between 2 continents. Huge difference!!!But anyways , since I had to do nothing but sit  I was okay with it.

After what seemed like eternity , finally I came to Houston. There no mobile network in my phone however. But thanks to the wifi in the airport and the whatsapp that I was able to communicate to my brother . Anyways , one of the co-passengers who was seated next to me was generous enough to hand me over his phone to call my brother. He was nice man though. One thing I like about Americans is that they’re always ready to help. Generous people. I like them .

The next thing I did was proceed to the immigration counter. The lady greeted me with a few questions and I was done. Really?? Was this so quick?? I was very much used to the red tape processes back in India which took a lot of time. But, this was quick. Well, not really . I was running short of time for my next flight . I proceeded to the boarding counter  , got my boarding pass, checked in my luggage and in a while I was in the flight. The next three hours of the flight , I slept nicely due to tired journey.

Finally , I reached my destination. “BOSTON LOGAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT”. Here, updating my facebook status seemed the most important thing as soon as i landed . But it was more important to collect my luggage and call up my brother. But , my luggage was missing . I was amongst those few people whose luggage hadn’t arrived. So, I went to the office and the officer was kind enough to help me out and assured me that the luggage would be delivered at my place err I mean my brother’s place. So finally there they were. My brother , mom and dad. It was so good to see my brother after an year and a half and my parents after a month. A happy re union. We all had a group hug. It was such a moment.

This ends my first phase in the journey to US.





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