From the day, I was born in your house

You have given me all the love you could have

You have patiently stood by me through my flaws

You have stood by my side when I needed you the most

You have taught me the rights and the wrongs

The good and the bad

You have always nurtured me , just the way a gardener nurtures his plants

I always thought this is my place

This is where I belong to,

But that is not true , is it??

I was nurtured into a compassionate, kind young woman so that I could go to another house

Today, is the day I shall be leaving this house

From this day , I shall no longer be the young princess I used to be

From this day, I shall never be pampered or loved the way I used to be

Nobody is going to be responsible enough for my deeds

From this day onwards, my life is going to be something it never was

From this day onwards , I’m going to be someone I never was

I’m leaving with a lot of memories, memories that shall last a life time

Memories that you shall never forget, memories that dampen my cheeks

Memories that brings tears in your eyes

But dad, you shall always be my hero – no matter how old I grow

You shall be the one – I shall still look for when in darkness



Unlike you, I have nobody else

I don’t have a job to take care of

I don’t have a house to take care of

Unlike you , I do not go behing money, cars, properties , success and fame

All I need is a lot of love

Is it too much to ask

All you have to do is to feed me

Understand me

I am not asking much, I know sometimes you do not understand

I’m not a toy to be a played around when you get bored

I’m not here for your entertainment

I know you fear me biting you

I know sometimes I bark a lot

I know sometimes you shall have a lot of cleaning because of me

I know my hair spreads throughout the house

I know sometimes I do bite

But I’m always there , loving you and protecting you

I’m going to be loyal to you no matter what

No matter you scold me or hit me

I understand you , for you are my master

I have always loved you, I listen to you every time you have needed me

But please do not treat me as an option

If you do not love me , please do not make me love

For I’m a dog, and thou art a human being

I’m just a dog and you have to be humanly for being a human


Yes!!! I am girl .

When I stepped onto this world through my mother’s womb,

I was delighted , just like my parents as I thought would be ,

I was counting on every single second I was inside the womb ,

But my parents had other plans .

They were not delighted but flabbergasted when they found out me to be a girl .

They tried to be kill me , just like the way one gets an unwanted wart removed of the skin.

I struggled to be outside to make them understand that they’ll be proud of me one day.

Once I was born , my parents also thought of me as an expense

An investment that needs the returns as soon as possible

I was always considered as something that was just not the world

I was denied the education that my male sibling was bestowed with

I had to fight for what was rightfully mine , convince them for making me to study

They paid for my education only so that I could be married off to a wealthy person

When I was being eve teased on the road, it was always my fault

It was just that men are always right

When I am being thrown harsh comments, I have been asked to ignore not fight back

When I fight back I’m being questioned on my character

Why??? Just because I’m a girl

Just because I’m born a girl

They kill me inside the womb

If not , they kill me outside the womb

Why??? Just because I’m a girl


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