It’s my nature to triumph

Our lives revolve around stories,

The ones which defines us,

And the ones that define our world

One such is the one I grew old with

The eternal story about the war between the good and the evil;

But was it really a war,

Or was it just redemption?

It was always taught that the good wins over the battle

In any given world at any point of time

Over the years, I have dreamt of it,

Lived with it, believing it to be true

But my friend the truth is that,

The world just looks like a fairer vista,

But it is convoluted beyond the words,

Paving the way for the world of evil,

Ruthlessness takes place of compassion,

Apathy destroys the ruins of love

There is a minute space for love,

In this world inundated with hatred

As the day passes by,

It makes more sense;

The goodness has been nothing,

Beyond vulnerability and a sheer sign of losing

While the evil has been triumphing,

Merely because it isn’t held by any bit of emotions

Running down its nerves

There is no respite left in the world of evil,

For it neither sees compassion,

Nor does it believe in empathy.

While the one that believes in empathy,

Suffers the most as the love

Brings an endless supply of misery,

Attached with it, in addition to this;

It also brings an additional baggage of hope,

That one day the evil understands that love

Surpasses all

Alas!! That one day, never came.

The love sacrificed,

While the hatred always snatched what was never its.

The love forgave,

While the hatred held on to the grudges

Crumpled by the shackles of hatred,

Love soon took its last breath

Hoping that one day evil might be resurrected;

But alas!!

It’s not what it looks like

She kept looking through the window, letting the mischievous wind caress her hair. A tiny droplet fell on her cheek as the clouds decided to rain pour the city for the night.

She looked around to find the bus crowded with people – young and old, happy and miserable. They all seemed to be ordinary to her. But little did she know, that each of them had their own battles to fight and not just to fight, they had to survive it. Going through battles each day with renewed vigour.

She mused to herself “I’m stuck in an ordinary world with ordinary people. People who get up at 6 in the morning, prepare themselves for the day ahead. Struggle through buses and metros to reach my office, and then it is the same journey back home. But am I as ordinary as others? I do wonder, what differentiates me from the rest of the crowd.”

Before she knew it, it started pouring heavily. Although, she knew she had to wait, she got down at her stop. Unlike others, who were waiting at the bus stop for the rains to calm down, she walked through the muddy roads like she owned it.

After what seemed like eternity, she finally reached the destination.

“Hey!! Sorry, I’m late.”

“And drenched.” he teased looking at her.

“Usually, in such an occasion people offer to say a hi”. she fussed. “But I guess, with you I shouldn’t be demanding much. But you could definetly afford, what don’t i buy a cup of coffee?”

He had a devilish smirk on his face “Well, if it is coffee that you want, you can order one.”

“And your numbers just keep dropping. How do you manage to be so annoying?” she yelled at him displaying her displeasure.

“Well, I need someone to show my annoying side. I’m tired of being the good boy, you see.”

She knew she couldn’t beat him up with it.

He held her hand and said ” I’m sorry. I have missed you. I have missed annoying you. You know, I just cannot afford to be annoying with others. They’d run away looking at my lunatic side.”

“And what makes you think, I won’t run away? “she snapped.

“If you could have, you would have. You wouldn’t have stayed by for so long. I know, I can count on you for bearing my eccentricity.”

“It’s okay.” he said “How was your day?”

“Ordinary” she fussed. “How was yours?”

“Extraordinary. Just like each day, with a new surprise. I have never had such a beautiful day. That probably explains the smile on my face.” his over enthusiastic energy levels could make anyone envious.

“What’s with extraordinary” she enquired.

“You mean how was it extraordinary?” he tried to correct her.

“No, I mean why was it extraordinary?”

He looked puzzled and tried to explain “Well, I did not postpone my alarm. I got up at 6 in the morning, went for my jog. And it’s such a beautiful thing to run in the morning. The sun rays welcome you, the birds are chirping, you feel the fresh air and before you go to the office you feel renewed and refreshed. I never longed for being at work. My office seemed to be very pleasant. Overall I had a pleasant day.  But more than that, I am meeting you this evening and I love it. It’s been long since we spent time like this.”

“So, that’s ordinary.” she appeared crossed.

” No – that’s extraordinary. I don’t like sleeping at 3 in the morning, binge watching all the shows on Netflix. Getting up late, running late for office. I don’t want such a life. I like it to be organised and not messy.”

“By organised, what do you mean?”

“Something that is not you.” he tried to get on her nerves.

“I am very well organised, and I do not remember asking for your opinion, actually.” she retorted with renewed anger.

Before he could say anything she added, ” And by the way what makes you say, I am disorganised?”

“You’re a cornucopia of mess, Ahana.”

“How exaclty?”

“Look at you. You are clearly not happy. You feel everyone is ordinary. You have no idea what you are seeking from your life. You think you are left behind. You lock up yourself in your house for days together. I don’t remember you letting sunshine past you. Your house is filled with dark curtains, you rarely open the window. You call it your abode, but it clearly is nothing but darkness. You just surround yourself with darkness, and you talk about everyone being ordinary. There is nothing called as ordinary, Ahana. It’s all in the mind. Every soul out there is different.”

“Well, that’s the thing. Perception. Looking from my eyes, yeah, every day I see the same thing, same people doing the same thing, living the same life, going through the same chores, and the same monotony sets it. People think it is normal. It’s not normal.It’s very depressing. Don’t you think?” she let out a deep sigh.

“No, it is not. It’s about what you do. It’s about loving what you do. It’s about loving life, Ahana. Not everyone is lucky as us.”

“Oh, I know what you mean. The categorical, there are people working on limited wages, people who struggle for basic necessities of life and we should be grateful to the life we live, for what we have, and for as long as it lasts, right. I have heard it like for a zillion times now, Pratyush.” she vented.

There was something restless about her. She was an unhappy soul. Unhappy with her life, with people around her and most importantly herself. She felt let down by herself for having unrealistic expectations.

“What do you think makes you lucky, Ahana?”

“I don’t know. I feel stuck at life. Everyone I know, is getting a job, getting married, going abroad. Day in and day out, I look at my instagram and wonder if I will be able to live such a life. So many hashtags that make you a cringe with anger.

#Relationship goals

#Life Goals

#Career goals

#Parenting Goals

#Travel Goals

#Friendship Goals.

God, I am so tired of it.” she was clearly frustrated.

“Huh!!” he snorted. “You know social networking sites make you connect with your friends and family. You’re supposed to be happy for them and not be envious about what they’re up to in life. It’s like, you are envious about your own friends who are happy in their life. And it’s not always a greener vista. The instagram pictures never tell you the harsh side of their life. People put the happy things out there to spread happiness not to invoke negativity around them. What has gotten into you?”

“I don’t know.” she looked down. ” I don’t even feel myself, anymore. It’s like, I have hit saturation. And there’s a cave with many doors, and I don’t know which door to open. I need to get out of it, please help me Pratyush.”

“Tell you what!! You’ve been shutting yourself down from every bit of emotion that you can ever have. You feel envious looking at people around you. The same people whom you loved. The same people who made you happy. You were the one who preached about love and bliss. You were the one who taught me that to love a person is to be happy with their happiness. That was you, Ahana. Not this callous monster that you claim to be. You just convince yourself that you are a cold monster that cares about no one. Deep down, you want the life others are leading. There’s nothing wrong about it, though. But you can be happy about them. You are constantly comparing yourself with your peers, and that is not going to take you anywhere. That’s also the reason why you feel that that your life has been stuck forever. But that’s not true. It’s just that you are convincing yourself that.”

“What do you mean?” she hit back ” I love being like this. Don’t you mean that? You think I enjoy being this pessimist.”

“No, that’s not what I mean.” he clarified.” But what I mean is that you have found your comfort zone here and you don’t want to let go of that. You feel it’s saturated, but have you tried anything to get out of the saturation? I have known you as a fiesty girl, who is forever ready to take risks, add up new adventures and lead a new day every day. And I had this unfaltering faith that you would never become this. I’m disappointed.”

“People change. It’s inevitable.” she justified.

“You don’t like the change. What’s the point of change, if it doesn’t help you grow in any way.”

“You think, I like my life this way?” she reasoned.

“You do. You just do not know it. If you didn’t like it, you would have gotten out of it, long ago.” he argued. ” You just cannot admit that you like it now, because it makes you comfortable. It’s very difficult for you to let go of the comfort zone that you are in.”

“Help me!!!”

“The problem with you is that you believe in what you feel right now.”

“How does what I feel, affect my life?”

“Do you know your brain is the most powerful thing in the world. And did you know, that it is most feeble and vulnerable thing in this world. Quite fragile. Just like a robot – a machine that anyone can operate. You just have to know the process. Now think of a king who is powerful yet vulnerable. And the entire world knows his weakness. Do you think the world will show him mercy. It will rip him apart, till he is broken into a thousand pieces. Dead. Now imagine, if your brain was that king.  What would happen? Don’t let the world rip it apart into a thousand pieces. You have to stop feeding this negativity to it.”

“What crap!!” she rubbished his theory.

“It’s true. Try it out. I was once, in the same phase that you are in, today. Then, I learnt that your mind can be easily controlled. Not just by you, but by anyone. Your emotions are not at all depended on upon you. It’s tested by everyone. It’s manipulated by people. You believe, you stand for things that your brain is manipulated into.”

“Help me change that, please.” she beseeched him. Not for a second did she feel desperate in front of him seeking help. She knew if someone could help it was herself. But Pratyush was known to be with her for all the time.

“You’re the only one who can change that, unfortunately. Remember the Ahana, who stood for things, who believed in what she did, who had nothing but love within her to give to the world. She never learnt what jealously or envy meant. I don’t know this Ahana. But then, neither do you. Call the older version back, I love that spark.”

Both of them giggled.

But then he was right.

You just make your life miserable by comparing yourself to others, being envious about others, being too concerned with someone’s life. Often forgetting to lead our own, we obsess with what is not ours.

Ahana probably knew this earlier. She just needed to hear it out from the right mouth. It was time for her to set things right. The time, when she would be happy.

It was time for her to break the shackles..

Oh!! The Mercy

Perhaps!! If someone could have saved you;

It would not be anyone apart from you!

But, behold!!

The scariest part lies in here.

For I have woken up,

To tear you apart, watch you writh in pain

And beg for mercy

But who could I have mercy with

I am the goddess of pain and hell,

Reincarnated, to unleash hell on the earth.

To torment those, who deserve nothing but joy.

My purpose is to watch people suffer with pain.

And I sure will do that, till the very end of dooms day!

But, Behold.

The Fallen

I look so alluring that you’re tempted to have me,

I make you feel like this is the amazing thing that can happen to you,

Trust me, you do not want this.

I am the Fall!!

A lot of people in this world fall,

And when you look at it, it may seem fresh out of the bottle romantic,

But trust me, I can change all that,

I am the Fall!!!

It may seem very comforting when one is falling,

And someone is catching them from getting hurt,

With some when they fall,

They have people around to help them get up.

I am the Fall!!!

But believe me, I can be one of the ruthless wishes,

You can ever ask for,

I can make your fall quite fatal,

I am the Fall!!!

While when I come to you,

You might feel, that someone is going to save you from my wrath,

But that is far from happening,

I am the Fall!!

When I come to you, I make every ounce of your life miserable,

You’d rather wish to be dead than deal with me,

You’re going to feel pathetic, with no one to help you around

I am the Fall!!

With me, I bring tonnes of misery,

I make you feel  the pain of fixing up the broken pieces,

You’re going to hurt yourself in that process,

I am the Fall!!!

With every piece, piercing through your blood,

I make you feel strong,

You no longer feel the vulnerable need,

I am the Fall!!!

I come to you,

As an angel in guise of a devil,

To make you strong,

Because I am the Fall!!!!







I confess that I’m addicted!!

Looking outside the window, I watch the tiny dew drops as it rains cats and dogs. Somewhere I see a small girl coming back from her school, wearing a yellow raincoat, playing with the rain, stamping her foot in the puddles. Yeah, surely that makes her clothes dirty. But that nothing can replace that momentary happiness you get out of playing in the muddy rain water. It’s beautiful. Life is beautiful.

But somewhere I feel have I stopped feeling that beauty of life around me. I recall the days before the technology over took us. When the best time of our lives was when we got back from schools, not to sit in front of our computer and play but to meet our friends outside and play. Play till we got hungry. Play till we got tired. Play that actually made us happy. And no, we didn’t play online. We didn’t have Virtual Friends.

We never had WhatsApp to stay in touch with our friends. Not even a mobile phone for that matter. We never had Facebook to remind us about our friends’ birthday. We knew to keep in touch with friends who were far away from us. Receiving letters from friends and relatives actually made us happy.

The ultimate happiness in life was to watch our Sunday Cartoons and to meet our best friends after 2 months of Summer Vacation. Summer was spent drawing, singing and doing things we love to do the most. Life was surely beautiful.

When we had dinner with our family, we actually used to speak. Speak about everything and anything under the sun. Speak till the extent my mom said “It’s bad manners to speak while talking. Just shut up and have food.” We actually had dinner together and not while sitting in front of a computer.

I miss that time when I got first rank in school or was made a class monitor and would proudly tell it to my parents as soon as I got back home. Never felt the need to share everything to the entire world. Just shared it with those who matter the most.

But look at what I have become now. My day starts not with wishing my parents “Good Morning” but with checking “who has whatsapped me today”. My day contains wishing people “Happy Birthday” and” Wish you guys a happy married life” when in reality I don’t even speak to them.

My life has those neighbors who I don’t even know in reality but they form a part of my friend list on Facebook.

I no longer take trips to make memories, but click selfies to upload it on the social networking sites.

A day without Internet or Wi-Fi now means a day without sunshine. Today, fasting means giving up all the gadgets and internet for one day and not giving up on food. It has come to that extent that we can live without food or sunshine but not internet.

I confess, I am addicted!!!


Yes, You need a fall!!!

We all have been in love with someone, at some point of time in your life. If not, then at least know someone who has fallen in love. It’s one of the most amazing feeling in this world, say a lot of people in the world. It’s an amazing feeling that you have when you have had a tiring day at the office and you have someone to share all your stories with. When you go wrong in life, you have someone to comfort you.. telling you that everything will be fine.When you fail at some point of time, there is someone who will tell you that it’s okay to fail, failure teaches more than success. When you feel forlorn and lost and somebody understands you. When you are being humiliated and somebody stands up for you. When you are sick, and someone comes to your aid. If all this makes you feel go “awe, I wish I had someone like that in my life” just look around, head to the mirror closest to you and look into it. Who do you see? Obviously, yourself right?


Yes, it’s a nice feeling to fall in love with someone, but before that it’s important to fall in love with yourself. It’s very important to understand yourself. Understand the rights and wrongs of your life. Understand your happiness and your pains. Understand the things that you need to see and the things to which you need to turn a blind eye. It’s always important to understand what irritates you, and what makes you jump with joy. Before expecting someone to stand up for you, learn to stand up for yourself. It’s okay if people consider you rude and arrogant, but never let someone take that advantage of you.. never let someone humiliate you and get away with it. It’s important to be a nice person but not every nice person is treated nicely. The mentality of the people is such that if you’re a nice person, they feel they can treat you the way you want and get away with it. But never let that happen. Be nice, but when people touch that guard of self respect, burn them with the shocks that will never let them take you lightly. Stand up for your honour, before you expect someone to stand for your honour. Learn to do things that you love, before finding the one who likes the same things as you.

Before falling in love with someone, fall in love with yourself. Explore the possibilities of loving yourself. download (1)

Just like everyone!!

Monotony is something that we’re all familiar with. Everyone knows this, everyone is the victim of this.. well some are not, some choose not to be. There are always two kinds of people in this world

  • One who love the monotony
  • Others who live with monotony

Now, let me ask you this – what is monotony? Monotony is doing the same thing at equal intervals of time in the same manner. When this happens, not everyone loves this. At this point of time when you don’t like the same thing happening everyday, you tend to get irritated with life, with yourself and this might even make you a pessimistic person. Do you want that?

Everyone goes through this stage of monotony, it spares none. Some learn to love it and some learn to deal with it, while some learn to live with this. Living with this can be a tiresome situation, it can make you question your entire existence. So, what do people do to deal with monotony? The answer is simple, do not let monotony get to you.

There are a few things you can do to remove monotony, but there are a few things, that cannot be changed immaterial of whether you like it or not. Going to office everyday, working for the same 8 hours from Monday to Friday can sure be monotonous and can make you feel bored, but there are other ways to add life to your work.

Change the route you take to your work or the means you use to travel to your work. If you go by your car everyday, try taking a bus. This will surely brighten your mood for the rest of the day.

When you’re having lunch, try having lunch at a different place rather than the same place or if you are in the habit of having lunch from the canteen, try a different counter instead of the same counter

You can also try making your cubicle look interesting than it is. Make your cubicle organised. Paste some fun posters in your cubicle. This will surely make you cheerful while you work.

Try taking a different route while coming back home, you wouldn’t feel tired in such a case when you get back home.

Break the shackles of monotony