It’s my nature to triumph

Our lives revolve around stories,

The ones which defines us,

And the ones that define our world

One such is the one I grew old with

The eternal story about the war between the good and the evil;

But was it really a war,

Or was it just redemption?

It was always taught that the good wins over the battle

In any given world at any point of time

Over the years, I have dreamt of it,

Lived with it, believing it to be true

But my friend the truth is that,

The world just looks like a fairer vista,

But it is convoluted beyond the words,

Paving the way for the world of evil,

Ruthlessness takes place of compassion,

Apathy destroys the ruins of love

There is a minute space for love,

In this world inundated with hatred

As the day passes by,

It makes more sense;

The goodness has been nothing,

Beyond vulnerability and a sheer sign of losing

While the evil has been triumphing,

Merely because it isn’t held by any bit of emotions

Running down its nerves

There is no respite left in the world of evil,

For it neither sees compassion,

Nor does it believe in empathy.

While the one that believes in empathy,

Suffers the most as the love

Brings an endless supply of misery,

Attached with it, in addition to this;

It also brings an additional baggage of hope,

That one day the evil understands that love

Surpasses all

Alas!! That one day, never came.

The love sacrificed,

While the hatred always snatched what was never its.

The love forgave,

While the hatred held on to the grudges

Crumpled by the shackles of hatred,

Love soon took its last breath

Hoping that one day evil might be resurrected;

But alas!!