The Fallen

I look so alluring that you’re tempted to have me,

I make you feel like this is the amazing thing that can happen to you,

Trust me, you do not want this.

I am the Fall!!

A lot of people in this world fall,

And when you look at it, it may seem fresh out of the bottle romantic,

But trust me, I can change all that,

I am the Fall!!!

It may seem very comforting when one is falling,

And someone is catching them from getting hurt,

With some when they fall,

They have people around to help them get up.

I am the Fall!!!

But believe me, I can be one of the ruthless wishes,

You can ever ask for,

I can make your fall quite fatal,

I am the Fall!!!

While when I come to you,

You might feel, that someone is going to save you from my wrath,

But that is far from happening,

I am the Fall!!

When I come to you, I make every ounce of your life miserable,

You’d rather wish to be dead than deal with me,

You’re going to feel pathetic, with no one to help you around

I am the Fall!!

With me, I bring tonnes of misery,

I make you feel  the pain of fixing up the broken pieces,

You’re going to hurt yourself in that process,

I am the Fall!!!

With every piece, piercing through your blood,

I make you feel strong,

You no longer feel the vulnerable need,

I am the Fall!!!

I come to you,

As an angel in guise of a devil,

To make you strong,

Because I am the Fall!!!!








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