I confess that I’m addicted!!

Looking outside the window, I watch the tiny dew drops as it rains cats and dogs. Somewhere I see a small girl coming back from her school, wearing a yellow raincoat, playing with the rain, stamping her foot in the puddles. Yeah, surely that makes her clothes dirty. But that nothing can replace that momentary happiness you get out of playing in the muddy rain water. It’s beautiful. Life is beautiful.

But somewhere I feel have I stopped feeling that beauty of life around me. I recall the days before the technology over took us. When the best time of our lives was when we got back from schools, not to sit in front of our computer and play but to meet our friends outside and play. Play till we got hungry. Play till we got tired. Play that actually made us happy. And no, we didn’t play online. We didn’t have Virtual Friends.

We never had WhatsApp to stay in touch with our friends. Not even a mobile phone for that matter. We never had Facebook to remind us about our friends’ birthday. We knew to keep in touch with friends who were far away from us. Receiving letters from friends and relatives actually made us happy.

The ultimate happiness in life was to watch our Sunday Cartoons and to meet our best friends after 2 months of Summer Vacation. Summer was spent drawing, singing and doing things we love to do the most. Life was surely beautiful.

When we had dinner with our family, we actually used to speak. Speak about everything and anything under the sun. Speak till the extent my mom said “It’s bad manners to speak while talking. Just shut up and have food.” We actually had dinner together and not while sitting in front of a computer.

I miss that time when I got first rank in school or was made a class monitor and would proudly tell it to my parents as soon as I got back home. Never felt the need to share everything to the entire world. Just shared it with those who matter the most.

But look at what I have become now. My day starts not with wishing my parents “Good Morning” but with checking “who has whatsapped me today”. My day contains wishing people “Happy Birthday” and” Wish you guys a happy married life” when in reality I don’t even speak to them.

My life has those neighbors who I don’t even know in reality but they form a part of my friend list on Facebook.

I no longer take trips to make memories, but click selfies to upload it on the social networking sites.

A day without Internet or Wi-Fi now means a day without sunshine. Today, fasting means giving up all the gadgets and internet for one day and not giving up on food. It has come to that extent that we can live without food or sunshine but not internet.

I confess, I am addicted!!!



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