Just like everyone!!

Monotony is something that we’re all familiar with. Everyone knows this, everyone is the victim of this.. well some are not, some choose not to be. There are always two kinds of people in this world

  • One who love the monotony
  • Others who live with monotony

Now, let me ask you this – what is monotony? Monotony is doing the same thing at equal intervals of time in the same manner. When this happens, not everyone loves this. At this point of time when you don’t like the same thing happening everyday, you tend to get irritated with life, with yourself and this might even make you a pessimistic person. Do you want that?

Everyone goes through this stage of monotony, it spares none. Some learn to love it and some learn to deal with it, while some learn to live with this. Living with this can be a tiresome situation, it can make you question your entire existence. So, what do people do to deal with monotony? The answer is simple, do not let monotony get to you.

There are a few things you can do to remove monotony, but there are a few things, that cannot be changed immaterial of whether you like it or not. Going to office everyday, working for the same 8 hours from Monday to Friday can sure be monotonous and can make you feel bored, but there are other ways to add life to your work.

Change the route you take to your work or the means you use to travel to your work. If you go by your car everyday, try taking a bus. This will surely brighten your mood for the rest of the day.

When you’re having lunch, try having lunch at a different place rather than the same place or if you are in the habit of having lunch from the canteen, try a different counter instead of the same counter

You can also try making your cubicle look interesting than it is. Make your cubicle organised. Paste some fun posters in your cubicle. This will surely make you cheerful while you work.

Try taking a different route while coming back home, you wouldn’t feel tired in such a case when you get back home.

Break the shackles of monotony


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