So what do you choose today?

When I say the word ‘Money’ what comes to your mind? Need, want, comfort, luxury, happiness, satisfaction, power ? But what if I say the more you get it the more you will need it. Sure, the greed never ends. That’s the beauty of it.

In everyone’s life, there comes a time where you have to make a choice. A choice that will define the next 20 to 40 years of your life. The choice that the world will define you. But the question is that  do you want to be defined by the world? Do you want to live your entire life under the “Chaar Log Kya Kahenge?” syndrome.

Sometimes, it is okay to be criticized. People are going to criticize you no matter what. Sometimes they do it on your face, sometimes on your back. There is always a sect of people who will never agree with what you do. It takes a great deal of courage to choose what you want to do. It takes a great deal of courage to be a rebel in the society. And being a rebel isn’t a bad thing. It just means you don’t want to waste the small life that you have living someone’s life. The society is just like the seventh jar!! Now you might be wondering what’s about the seventh jar!!

Once upon a time, there was a barber who used to be the king’s barber. One day he was lying below a tree. He hears a voice which asks him ” What are you worried about, do you need money?” to that the barber replies ” Yes, that’s what I need” .

” So will 7 jars of Gold will do. If yes, then go back home you will find 7 jars of Gold.”

The barber finds 7 jars of gold at his home. He opens all the jars one by one. The first six jars are full and then he opens the seventh jar. The seventh jar is half empty. In the process of the filling the seventh jar he ends up selling everything he has, starving without shelter or food or clothes. But sadly, the seventh jar can never be filled.

Here, in this case people are like the seventh jar and we are like the barber. We seldom fail to realize no matter how hard you try to please everyone, there are going to be displeased souls. All the time.

It need not always be that way. Choosing a passion over money is important. Don’t think about it in the short term. Yes, you would not make money initially. You would have the feeling of being left behind. You might compare your life with that of your friends. They might be successful. They might even be richer than you. But why keep up with the Joneses. You will have to work harder. You will have to be patient. But it will all be worth the effort. The results won’t go in vain. Nobody needs to push you to do things that you like. You won’t have the need to motivate yourself, force yourself into a job you dread. Because you do what you like. Excellence always makes way for the dollars. It’s difficult to make this choice. It’s difficult to stand up for what you believe in. But trust me, thirty to fifty years down the lane you will relish these days. You will be proud of yourself for making these decisions. One day when you’re lying on the bed surrounded by your kids, grand kids and your entire family you will look back at your life. You would not take any regrets with you. You would be an inspiration, a proud being. Do you want to go with a satisfaction or do you want to go with regrets that you cannot do anything about. Do not regret. Do not fall victim to the “What if”.

So, what do you choose today?


You Matter!!!

How often have you thought of the life by the time you hit 23. I’m sure we all have certain expectations from our life, from ourselves that life is going to change drastically by the time you hit 23. This is the time that the reality strikes you. You have had a lot of unrealistic expectations from your life, probably things that were too good to be true. You realise that your parents were after all right.You feel that your life has been what you never expected it to be. You thought you would have a drastic change of appearance, a well paying job, you loving your job, a mills-and-boons- kind of love life, and everything in your control.

But it seldom happens that way. You have a job that you slog, you are single as hell and feel lonely too perhaps sometimes. You watch your friends getting hitched and you are wondering what are you doing with life. But this is a life, that everyone has. It is just that grass is always greener on the other side.Everyone has to face some kind of problems in our lives. Its these problems that defines us, that makes us who were are today. Have you ever wondered what would your life had been like if that one incident hadn’t taken place. What would have happened to you if that incident didn’t take place. Would you still be the same person. There is always a reason why your life is the way it is. We all feel that we need to settle down with life. But NO!!!! It’s a trap, don’t fall into it. You don’t need to get married just because everyone else is. You don’t need to take up that course that everyone else is taking up. You don’t need to do the same job that everyone else is doing because that’s how everyone is. You don’t need to be everyone. You are YOU!!! You are SPECIAL!! You MATTER!! Do what makes you happy. Do not get married, because of peer pressure or because you want to fit in the group. Marry because you have found the person with whom you can spend your life with. Before falling in love with someone, fall in love with yourself. Before understanding someone else, understand yourself. Before settling down, understand what do you want from your life. Understand what are getting by settling down. It’s okay not to settle down. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s time to make mistakes and not decisions that might define our lives for the next 60 years. It’s completely okay not to be a part of the crowd. It’s okay to live your life on your terms and not subject yourself to the opinion of the society. It’s okay to choose humanities and not science. This does not make you less intelligent. It’s okay to get rid of the toxic people who pull you down. It’s okay to go away from that relationship that makes you feel bad about yourself. It’s okay to let go of your friends who don’t help you grow. It’s okay to stay away from every such person who questions your integrity.It’s okay to follow your dreams. It’s okay to be happy in your own skin. Do not rush. Do not give into the peer pressure. Take your own time. Seeks answers you have . Do not make a decision when you’re confused.

Define yourself and do not be defined by the world.

Let go of your inhibitions and live your life to the fullest.

Source: Thunderclap

Source: Thunderclap

Because, You Live Only Once.