Does this ring a bell

How many times have you wondered about what people think?

How many times have you wondered what people will say when you do something?

How many times have you wondered that people are always interested in your story rather than theirs

This is the story similar to what most of you would have gone through.

Who would have thought I’d be living the life that I once used to dream about. It feels so good today that after all the struggles , all the hard work , all the efforts finally paid the reward.

I’m just like any other girl. A girl with dreams, ambitions, goals and aspirations. The only difference was that my dreams were different that of others.

I was a school going girl just like others. School , dance classes , home work , fun , play and everything that I used to have was such a beautiful. Times changed I grew up . From Class 1 to Class 10th and from Class 10th to Class 12th.

I chose commerce after class 10th, much to the disappointment to my parents and society. They thought I didn’t have interest and inclination towards science. I just knew I was different, I liked different things. My perspective of the world was different. However my parents understood me , even though they were disappointed. After my 12th, my parents thought I would do my bachelors in some management course or undertake CA . But, I disappointed them here as well. It is not that I wanted to disappoint them, but then I had a life too. I have a life that cannot run based on the expectations of others.

I enrolled myself for a bachelors of science in Psychology. Back then psychology was a new course and people of course didn’t know much about it. My relatives, cousins and neighbours- in short everyone who constituted my world had a laugh at me. They thought I wasn’t serious about life. According to them I was just too stupid to get into engineering or medicine. I wasn’t worth anything.

I still remember that day when dad told me ” Why can’t you be like just like everyone else. Why do you want to something that nobody wants to do. Why do you want to show that you are very different. Why can’t be another frog in the crowd. Why do you want to be an eagle among swans? ”

I couldn’t reply to him. Because I knew that he wouldn’t understand. What I was going to tell him was quite contradictory to his beliefs. But I knew one thing, he loved me more than anything. He was just bad at expressing it. One day, he will understand. I just knew that. I remember how I used to show my grades of how I performed in my exams. I was so excited when I had topped my final year exams. I was awarded a gold medal for the university. It was a proud moment for me. But unfortunately, he wasn’t as happy. He said what’s the big deal . If only you were something else. Look at your friends who did engineering. They get such a good package. What did you achieve. You probably won’t get a job that will earn you more than 10,000 or at the maximum 15000 a month. My cousins used to mock at me ” You’ll get to go to USA only if you were married. Poor you!!! “.

I just smiled, because I knew things will change. Life never remains the same. People will change their mentality one day. One day everything will change. One day the people who laugh at me shall respect me. One fine day, it shall happen.

I got a small job at a counselling center as a counsellor. I was earning less but it gave me the experience that I required. Meanwhile my parents wanted me to get married. I had enough , I knew I had to stand up for what I believe in. This time I said no. ” Dad, I’m still 22, I don’t want to marry. At least for now. You’ve never supported me in my decisions for life. Mom has always been on your side and standing helpless whenever I had wanted her to stand up for me. But it’s enough now. I won’t get married. Please respect this decision of mine.”

Before I could realise what was happening a stamp of five fingers landed on my cheeks burning them. My dad never had even scolded me. But this? I was told I’m being ungrateful. All i heard was ” Get out of my house, you ungrateful Wretch!! We made you study, we let you study what you wanted to. You never listened to us. You never cared about us. And today we ask you to get married , so that we can have your burden off our shoulders and yet you want to be a burden on us for the rest of your life. Either get married and relieve us of your burden or just leave us , leave this home never to come back. Just go” .Saying this he threw his glass of whiskey on the wall. That day not only were those glass pieces shattered but also my dreams.

Mom came to my room when I was totally blank, she tried to pacify me. But I knew what I wanted . I decided I could’t be a burden on them anymore. It was time to chase my dreams and not to be bounded by the chains of marriage.

The next day I left a letter and just walked away. I moved away from this city and changed my job. I started working in a multi national company. I worked as hard as I could for I knew the struggles of today will reap fruits later.I rented a small room and continued with my job and started with my preparations for my masters. I had to prepare for my gre and also focus on my research papers. I got an admit into one of the best schools , but I needed a loan and for a loan I needed a guarantor for the approval of loan. However the company assumed the responsibility of my education with a promise that I would continue working for the company. I pursued my masters. And after 2.5 years of hardwork I finally completed it. I got my masters in abnormal psychology. I tried calling up my parents that one day with the expectation that they would be happy. Dad had disowned me. I continued my studies with my PhD. After toiling hard for 5 years I finally earned my fame as a psychologist.

It was here that I met Mayank. Mayank is a very caring guy, he is someone who understands my dreams because he has gone through what I have gone through. He is a great companion. I have always wanted someone to know what I go through. Someone who understands my journey . That someone is Mayank. I just get amused how without me saying anything he understands every thought of my mind. And that day he gave me the biggest surprise of my life.

I though I had lost my parents forever. They had disowned me because I had followed my dreams. All I wanted was them to stand by my side. But one day I was getting ready for my graduation ceremony and I hear the knock on the door. I thought it’s Mayank  and open the door. But to my surprise they’re my parents. Yes!!! I was shocked. I hadn’t spoken to them in the past 5 years. How did they know I had done PhD. Dad hugged me with tears in his eyes. He apologises for every word uttered by him. He had been in pain for the past 7 years just like I was. He wasn’t happy being away from his only daughter. His only child – his princess. We left for my graduation ceremony as it was getting late. I still remember when I walked on the stage, dad stood up.He was proud of me. This was what I wanted. I wanted him to understand me. And yes, he does. I couldn’t ask for anything.

After the ceremony, I show him my college campus, my classes, my home and everything that I have been wanting to share with him for the past 7 years of my life. He is proud that I have made everything that I require to do.I’m happy that after all the struggles I’m re united with my family. But who did it ? Who informed them? Who made them come here . Yes it was Mayank! My Mayank. He had been to India once 8 months ago to attend his cousin’s wedding. He went to my parent’s place with the address I had given him. He made them understand what torture I had to go through everyday. And how I longed for them . Dad missed me much more. After all I was his little princess. He started with their visa process and approvals. And invited them here for the graduation. Not only that he also arranged for their flight tickets. Nobody can love me the way you do Mayank. ” I love you, Mayank.” I told him finally when I learnt what he had done. It’s not that I told this because he did this. I was always afraid that he would walk away one day and I was afraid of rejections. I have tried never to let him know of my feelings for him even when he had made his feelings for me clear. I hate  friend zoning him .

But just as they say ” All’s well that ends well.”

Two weeks later we both get married in a simple ceremony.

I have a happy family now. All the regrets of my past are begone now.

At least I’m happy for standing up for my life, my happiness. So what if he the world doesn’t understand it. One day it will. Never give up on your dreams. Because if you give up on it , then you can’t expect the world to stand by it.

Today the world respects me . ” Dr. Avni Mallik.” This name makes me happy now.

I’m not just a door mat wife but something of my self. I’m proud that I didn’t let go



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