Because , you were always there

When I was born you were there to hold me,

When I used to cry in a language no one used to understand,

you were there to understand me

When I used to cry in the middle of the night,

you were there sacrificing your sleep so that I can have one

When I used to learn to walk as a toddler,

you were there to hold me if I fell

When I used to fall while playing,

you were always there to tell me that you cannot learn to walk unless you fell down

When I used to fail in my school,

You taught me that you cannot succeed unless you fail

While I grew up as a teenager I thought you knew nothing,

But you were there tenderly supporting me without me knowing

While you did not give me everything I had asked for,

I did not realise you were teaching me to value my life

While you taught me not to be materialistic

I did not realise you were teaching me to learn that relationships are more important

When I had my heart broken,

You were there supporting me and making me understand that it is just a part of life

While I forgot all that you have done for me,

You still did not give up on me and were there for me every time I needed you

While I went away for my education,

You knew a part of you was going away, yet you were the most happiest person

When I got married ,

I did not realise that there is no one as happy as you could be

While I progressed in my life,

I conveniently forgot what I had got when I had you,

Now when I look back , I feel it was just you who made me life as heavenly as it could be.

Today I just feel I wish I had told you how much I loved you.
And more than that I know how much you have done for me

I just wish I took time to thank you for all that you have done for me while you were alive.

So what they say is true- ” Nobody can replace the love of your parents in your life “


Does this ring a bell

How many times have you wondered about what people think?

How many times have you wondered what people will say when you do something?

How many times have you wondered that people are always interested in your story rather than theirs

This is the story similar to what most of you would have gone through.

Who would have thought I’d be living the life that I once used to dream about. It feels so good today that after all the struggles , all the hard work , all the efforts finally paid the reward.

I’m just like any other girl. A girl with dreams, ambitions, goals and aspirations. The only difference was that my dreams were different that of others.

I was a school going girl just like others. School , dance classes , home work , fun , play and everything that I used to have was such a beautiful. Times changed I grew up . From Class 1 to Class 10th and from Class 10th to Class 12th. Continue reading