Here’s a list of ten stupid questions , people ask vegetarians

1.”Wow!!! You seriously don’t eat non veg . How do you survive ? “

                                   I’m starving , from the day I was born. I’m going to die at any moment from now. Please don’t consume me .

 2.” You just start eating non veg once. You’ll start loving it , trust me” 

             Oh , really . I don’t like sea , so will I be able to swim once I start hanging out with you 

3.” I’ll mix non vegetarian in your food , you won’t even get to know you are eating non veg.”

How about I do the same by mixing a poison in your food

4.”How can you have never tried non veg”

Yeah , right . So what now? Go file a case against me .

5.”Nobody at home eats non veg?”

Yeah , so what? You’re feeling pity on me. Oh please

6.”What if you leave the country. Its difficult for vegetarians abroad “

Yeah, don’t you know I’m going to survive on the leaves on the trees.

7. “Do you eat cakes. Even the cakes have eggs. So , how do you term yourself as a vegetarian ?”

Didn’t anybody tell you that you’re stupid.

8. “Your birthday cake will taste so tasteless , egg-less cakes “

Yeah, and you’re never invited.

9.”Why do you care so much about animals, they are meant to be eaten not cared”

I’m a human ,you see. I care about almost living creature around.

10.”If that’s the case, then why don’t you quit eating plants do. They too have a life and they have feelings too, right?”

Have you ever had a pet. Dogs, get attached to you so easily. They show signs of emotions like anger , love and jealousy. And BTW , we don’t eat the entire plant , so please!!! 





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