I never thought much about my life. I have everything that you call a perfect life.A roof above my head to sleep peacefully. Beautiful clothes to wear on. A loving family , that always stood by my side through the storms and through the bliss. I have the parents who always understood that I’m just another human being with a tendency to make mistakes. Yet, they love me so tenderly despite of all the flaws within me.

I should consider myself lucky compared to all this. You know why . There are  a lot of people out there who do not get these few basic necessities of life. Just like every other creature , a human being is also thirsty for love.There are a lot of people out there who are begging instead of studying or playing in their childhood.There are people who are abused by parents for the slightest of the mistakes.And then there are even people who don’t even have parents. There are a lot of people who go hungry many nights because they cannot afford to have a single meal.Here am I , who is complaining of not having enough clothes, but then there are kids out there who are forced  to wear stinking , ragged clothes just because they cant afford to buy a new one. There are kids who walk bare footed in the harsh summer of India, because they cannot afford for a basic pair of slippers.

How pathetic is their situation.

I just realised , how selfish am I , that I do not understand that many people out there do not get what I have already. That day , I was struck in the signal when a small boy of not more than 5 years came to me to sell groundnut seeds. Since , I do not like the ground nuts I refused. He said , these are just mere groundnuts for you, but they’re my only survival. If I do not sell them , I will have to go with a hungry stomach to bed yet again even today. I offered to give him a meager amount but I wouldn’t be buying groundnuts from him. He refused. I was actually surprised. He wanted to earn that money but not beg. This boy inspired me a lot. Even though he was facing so much of problems in life, he decided to earn and not resort to begging. I’m sure , this boy will make something of himself when he grows up 


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