How often have you thought about valentine’s day??

Well , almost every year during this part of time I have observed that while all the people in relationship are so excited about being in a relationship because this is that one day that they get special treatment. They are made to feel so special, so loved , so wanted.While on the other hand , I have also witnessed singles cursing their fate as to why haven’t they found their special soul mate. Why is it that ” I am so single even till now? Every one is getting into a relationship, getting engaged or getting married and then here I am. Just spending the 14th February of my life just like any other ordinary day” .


There are a few basic myths about “The Valentine’s Day ” that we tend to follow blindly:

  • Valentine’s day is not just for lovers, its for everyone. Love is nothing but a very tender form of saying that you care for someone. Love is to tell someone that you respect them for who they for what they are. Love is to adore a creature for every best and the worse reasons.
  • It is not necessary that it is just as i mentioned only for lovers. It can be for your parents, your friends , your siblings, your pets , mother nature.Every such creature that has life in it . It is a symbolization that we all are united. And united we stand in harmony , peace and understanding. Forgetting all the past experiences ,moving ahead with a new life. To remove the poison of the jealousy , hatred and anger within ourselves and nurturing the mind with the goodness of  love.
  • Its time that during this part of the year, we take vows to forget all the past animosities and lead a life with compassion , kindness and sympathy



Spread love 🙂 


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