When I was staying with my parents back during my undergraduate studies, life at hostel seemed blissful. I thought that people living in hostel must have a blissful life. No rok-toks. No where-how-why-when . It seemed so good. Be by yourself. Nobody to ask you anything. Freedom- ultimate bliss.

Well, everything has its own price.Free lunches aren’t free anymore. There are always hidden costs which we fail to see. 

My life changed when I had to move to Bangalore to continue my further studies. Fortunately or unfortunately ( depends on how you take it ) I had to take shelter in hostel. Now I stayed for 7 whole days in hostel with two other roomies. 

Let me just tell you this was the biggest nightmare of my life. Cat fights,bitching , quarrels ,gossips and what not. You see girls fighting over anything and everything. The room where you stay seems to be very small. You feel like there is no ventilation. Your room mates seem to have problem with everything you do.This was the time I understood that its so difficult to share your room with somebody else.Plus the food woes. Basically , I am a very fussy person when it comes to food. Spicy food is something that i can never handle. Not even a single spoon of spicy. My taste buds starts burning as if there is a sun that is placed on it. It burns so much. And with a few handpicked veggies , I start on my tantrums. 

Back at home, when mom used to prepare something, there were so much of tantrums by me. I’m sure many of us do that. I mean we have that right on mommy. Mommies understand us so well.But the world is not like that. Sometimes you expect something and you get something else in return.When you get out of your house, to live your life you tend to realise how difficult it is to handle everything in life. Specially , if you have to get up early in the morning ,-

  • make coffee for yourself
  • prepare breakfast for yourself
  • clean all the dishes
  • clean your house
  • shop the groceries all by yourself
  • be accountable for everything that you do 
  • cook for yourself
  • in case of sickness , go to a doctor by yourself

When you are so used to the pampering and love of your parents, you seldom realise how much they do for your sake. I never did realise how difficult it was . But the moment I moved in , I could make out how difficult life is. Okay!!! After bearing the torture in that hostel for about 7-10 days I realised its time. I’m moving out. I can’t stay in this place anymore. Is it so tough?? What did I expect?? I would be offered a mansion here with a dozen of servants at my every command,

Well, I was so desperate in looking for a new place that it took me to worse places. I had seen a hostel with a single occupancy room . But I was ready. It was too horrible to be even called a room. It was just a balcony which was covered by wooden planks as walls. And to tell you all of it, I was naive enough to accept to stay in it. But later on , I finalised with another place which was worse than this , but with a better security.

So, with this new room in a new hostel at first seemed so good. But, it had its own side effects. There is no ventilation in the room. No hot water for the bath. No proper taps. A fan which is absolutely not working. And a very small room where you can barely walk. And to think of it , I have lived this life for 6 months. Not that I’m complaining. I’m gonna miss this place.You know why?? This place has given me a lot of memories. Now you must me wondering , why am I speaking about memories and missing this place. Well, I’m moving to a house. Finally, a place that can be called a home. 

Gah!!! I miss home so much. When someone asks where you stay , I blabber home, and then suddenly realising, there is no home. Nah!!! I’m not getting senti here. Just little difficult to accept the fact. Yes!!! This is what happens when you step into a sea thinking its a small pond. 


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