Well , I know people feel California is a place where the affluent people live
Pretty much I don’t deny that.
With people living in posh living in beach houses and villas across the coast of the pacific ocean
With people driving ferraris, lambhorghinis and porsche .
One can definetly feel its something that the common people cannot afford
Well there’s no denying in that as well.

But there is a different picture of california as well.
The houses here are undoubtedly worth a fortune .
But the nature is equally maintained
Along the side of houses lush green grasses are maintained so beautifullyI

With trees along side of the drive, which makes the nature even more beautiful.
Each tree here tells a different story
Some trees are dancing together
Some trees are holding each other to be companions for the ages to come
Some trees are so happy that you wonder where has happiness left your life
Some trees are so eager as if waiting for someone from ages
Some trees are so blissed with life that they have nothing to expect from God
Some trees are bowing down to the travellers as a mark of respect
While some trees are grumpy about something.

Who says trees have life yet are lifeless.
Every creature on earth is entitled to love and happiness
Every creature on earth is entitled to have a right on earth .
No creature deserves to be cut
No creature deserves to be slaughtered
No creature deserves to be hunted and killed.

We humans , blinded by our non-quenchable thirst for materialism are destroying the nature to the maximum extent possible.
Trees –
They’re not the life yet lifeless creature.
They just dont provide us with oxygen to sustain our life
They have their emotions.
Don’t see trees as what they can contribute to the environment.
But startseeing them as your fellow human beings
They might not have eyes and ears like you do.
But they do understand the different emotions.
They do feel pain and agony as well.
They do feel happiness and bliss as well.
They are just like us.

If we continue to cut them down as ruthlessly as we do now, may be there might be a day where trees might no longer exist. With that even we might have a big question mark on our survival.

Think about it !!!
With the waves of the river coming continuosly that makes us realise that this moment is never going to come back again.
That makes us realise that once the wave goes back it is never going to come back again.
Well, isn’t it so similar to our life.
We have people , oppurtunities and times of our life.
Never wait for something to happen.
You need something to happen , do it.
Now is the time.
Just like waves sometimes we tend to lose out the time that can never be brought back
Just like waves sometimes we tend to lose out the people whom we never cared for.
Just like waves sometimes we tend to lose out the oppurtunities which will never be gained again.
Now is the time
Never let go of it.

There’s something special about the beaches,
Different elements added to it makes it nothing but more spectacular to watch.
The birds are flocking in and dipping their feet in the water .
They derive the ultimate happiness just by being there flocking in their group enjoying themselves as if that were the most important thing in the world.
When birds can live so happily with so much contentment , why do we chase things that will give us happiness only for a certain period.

The sea is a world of marvel in itself.
With a variety of species which live in harmony and peace ,
With no addition of pollution .
There are many plants and animals living inside this beautiful world.
There are sharks, dolphins, seals , snakes, crocodiles, whales and not to forget fishes.
Life under water is much more marvelous than life above land and on the land.

Recently I had been to the seaworld, where I saw the dolphin show.
Did you know that dolphins are the only animals which can smile.
Apart from it they are considered to be as intelligent as human beings.
I never gave so much importance to nature until i saw this show.
It was then that i realised that there is  much to nature
Every creature is special in itself and we need to respect it not kill it .
Not make it difficult for them to live and suffocate them to death.

Well, about dolphins, they are the most cutest creatures to observe.
They just need some love to live .
That is the most important thing for their existence
They’re happy eating the fishes and swimming in the water all the day.
They derive pure blissful happiness just by being in the water.
Swimming all the day, jumping and dancing around.
They tend to blackmail the caretakers that they would not dance if not given fish 😛
How smart!!!!!
They tenderly come kissing to your feet when you pat them on their back tenderly.
They come back to you when you shows signs of appreciation of what wonderful creatures they are.
They come licking your cheeks , kissing them to show how much you mean to them.
Dancing and swimming all through the day makes them happiest.
That’s their motto through out the life.

Now thats something to learn .
I know all of us are tightly held up with the commitments of the life.
Job,education and responsibilities .
But how much does it take to give a small work of appreciation to your wife to the way she handles everything.
How much does it take to give a little thank you to your parents for being there with you
How much does it take to give your neighbours a smile.
How much does it take to tell sorry when you commit a mistake.
How much does it take to thank God for the wonderful life and the wonderful people he has bestowed upon you.
How much does it take to thank your maid for keeping your house neat and tidy
How much does it take to thank people who made a difference to your life.

So did you take time to thank someone today ??


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