Some dreams seem too big to be fulfilled
Some dreams seem too small to be accomplished
Some dreams may seem too nasty
Some dreams may seem too childish
While some dreams seem like unfulfilled wishes

Welcome aboard,

 I am taking you to the journey of my dreams .We all have dreamt of flying.
 Haven’t we?? Well I may be wrong with that . Not all but most. Well not most but some atleast.
 I’m amongst those few people who wished they would live the life of a bird.

With not a single piece of worry in the world
Just get up as the rays of sun touches tenderly your eyes
As if to wake you up,inspiring you to proceed towards your day of life
As they wake up, they fly together united in a group in certain formation
It is just too beautiful as birds flock together in a certain shape
There is nothing more spectacular than the mother nature
Nature has so much to offer
They wander in search of food
Flying over oceans and rivers, hills and valleys

Life is so much different from a bird’s point of view
They do not destroy nature unlike humans
Life is so different from where you see it
When you see it from the land it gives you a different picture
When you see it from the  above the land it gives a yet another picture

I felt the same .
Yes!!!! I did !!!!
It was one of the moments I had wished for but could never get
I just wished I could fly
Yes , with the current technology where people have reached till mars flying is not a big thing to achieve
But it has been ages since I had flown ,
And this was an amazing experience for me


Flight during night and flight during daylight gives a bright picture about the marvels of nature and mankind
When you are boarding a flight during day light,
You get to fly over oceans and rivers, over hills and valleys
When you look at the ground from several thousand feet above the ground level
You see buildings as some mere demo building blocks
You see the vehicles moving as some ants
You see the biggest of monolithic statues as a stone

When you fly during night ,
You feel as if you are going closer to the moon
The moon is one of the beautiful creations of God
On a full moon night when the moon is shining in all its glory
With stars surrounding it
With clouds always covering it
With clouds being protective about it so that no harm can fall upon it
Like a father trying to protect his children from the evil forces of the world.
With stars surrounding it , so that it never feels alone and lonely
Like true friends, always there to share its sorrow and joy

With the sky that is always there to cover the moon and the stars like a mother
Giving a protective shield to its family .
Understanding them and always being there for it.
The nature itself is a perfect portrait for love and pure bliss.

Nothing is more spectacular than enjoying mother nature at her best 


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