I hail from a city called as “Bangalore” in India.
It is a place known for its picture perfect weather. Where monsoon is the most enjoyable season.Where winter means  just the cool weather till summer arrives.
 Generally for people in India, they awe with pleasure when they hear about snowfalls and the winter in the countries where winter is much more severe . This also includes me till i came here.. By the way  I’m in USA now  and I have totally changed my views about snowfalls and winters being so good here. Specially when you have cyclones and when you are a victim of the dangerous polar vortex.
 I have never lived with a temperature below 20°C but now I’m exposed to a temperature 20°C below zero.
It feels as if I m living in some god damn refrigerator. Well may be refrigerators are warmer than this. 
Well it is better indoors since we have air conditioners but if you step out without covering yourselves completely then God save you . 

Well but all is not all that bad..
Well the best part about this snowfalls and the severe winter in spite of its wind chills is that you get to play with snow.. Throwing snow balls at your sibling who stays miles away from you isn’t an every day oppurtunity.


You don’t get to see all this in India.

Specially in southern part of India.
Life ain’t all about waiting for the storms to pass.

But its about enjoying the storms and making the most of it .

Well you get rains frequently but is it the same with the storms.
Making a snowman out of the snow that are lying on the ground isn’t something you get everyday.
So when you are getting such an oppurtunity , never miss it.Sometimes there are no second chances.



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