The Wounded

You are always a prey or a predator;
In the battleground, this is bereft of emotions,
One mistake can prove to be fatal Continue reading


The Hope

Each ray that rises up,

Brings a new wave of sunshine,

Just like the mighty sun that does not let monotony hurt it,

I push myself to the chores of life,

For there is something to cling on to

The world around me is built on

The strong foundations of faith and belief, Continue reading

The Fragile Idiots

I sipped my hot chocolate watching the cold breeze come in through the door. The warmth of the cup kept me alive, considering the cold month of December. But there was something else about the month of December. Everyone around me was happy – there were families, couples, and friends.

And then there was I. I was happy too, in a way. My life is more stabilized and sorted, in a way. I had accomplished before I came here. There were ups and downs. Yet there was something missing. A missing step. Every time I step on it, I skip a heartbeat. An anxiety that I could not shake off. A fear that I could not resist. They said that flipping your switch off makes you immune to all kinds of emotions. But that does not seem like a possibility. For fear is also an emotion and a strong one. Being apathetic does not mean that you do not care about anything in the world.

“Hey, sipping all by yourself.” He suddenly interrupted my thoughts.

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The Surreal Ordeal

I woke up engulfed in the darkness,

Lonely and restless as it gets,

With my head rising above,

Like a Phoenix I emerged,

Although, there was no hint of light anywhere close to me.

Giving up was never taught to me,

I knew there was an end for the tunnel

There was a light waiting for me

I stood strong walking up to,

What awaited me

Embracing the darkness that I detested once,

I loved the pathway under that dark tunnel

As days passed by, I rose to shine,

For a bright day came to my rescue

Lending me its hand,

For I survived its surreal ordeal



The Truth

If I were a human being,

I would have been a living melancholy

Constantly tormenting people,

With what they cannot afford to see

If I had a heart beating in me,

Perhaps I would be more merciful

If I had a mind,

I could have been more thoughtful

Alas!! End of the day,

I still am but a truth

The truth that everyone runs away from

The truth that not everyone can afford

The faint-hearted are scared

The stronger ones do not care

But I stand still,

Waiting for I still believe

That one day, I might be looked out for.

One fine day.