And the devil shall wake again

It’s so fascinating to see the world function on peace,

Where harmony rules with an iron fist,

Unaware of what waits for it ,

Beneath the cloud of darkness,

And I walk like there’s forever

None of us knew this wasn’t the future,

We were destined to be blessed with.

For there was something darker,

Someone so powerful who was to enter our world

While we do not know if we would welcome this unknown shadow,

Or fight with all our might to protect our little kingdom.

We always thought we were beneath the reach of our emotions,

Our clouded mind was cleared by the sharp rays of the brutal shine,

For he was awake now, rising like a phoenix

Ready to pounce to alter our very world

For he knew our weakness, was one strong emotion,

Our fear was our greatest weakness which we never addressed

There were wolves rising out of our minds

Our most trusted ally, turned out to be our greatest threat

As the days passed, the devil of the fear rose stronger and sharper,

Before we knew it, one by one all of us were vanquished

Until the day I stood alone in front of an army,

They were stronger than ever,

I vulnerable than ever, in the shadow of my ghosts

My mind was finally taken captive by the very wolves that it fed,

For there was no peace after this,

Just an eternity of misery

And I taken captive by the very enemy,

whose existence was hidden in darkness

Finally the devil has risen, and is on his conquest,

To capture all the kingdoms, just like mine


The Burning Rage of Fire

I am what they call,

The burning rage of fire,

Fierce and powerful, I always felt omnipotent

As I crawled my way through this world,

I annihilated everything that touched me,

It gave me a pleasure to watch,

The world succumb to my fear

Only until I met the unfathomable ocean,

She was the definition of everything,

That could not be destroyed

Beautiful yet anything but fragile

Her tides and waves, always

Stood by her, like her family

In her days of torment,

She was surrounded by those who loved her

In my days of torment, not even the air calmed me down

For now I realised,

There was no such loyalty that was owed to me

I was powerful and venomous,

But sadly, unloved and utterly alone

I never thought the love would be a threat

At any point of my life

This was the first time; I felt my power to be threatened

While I was the end, she was the beginning

While I killed, she gave the life

While I ate, she protected

She was the definition of everything,

That I could never be

Just like everything else,

I vowed to pulverize her one day

I befriended her, only to drain out the life out of her,

One day at a time

Consuming her little by little,

Eating all those who resided inside her,

Draining every bit of pulchritude

That existed within her

With the battle that existed between me and her,

I emerged victorious, draining out every bit of her life

For I believed that is the only way for my happiness

The once glorious ocean, was now a barren land,

I consumed the ocean believing

That my burning wrath, would finally be satisfied.

Alas!! What a fool I was.

For I am the rage of fire, that just obliterates!


The Hope

Each ray that rises up,

Brings a new wave of sunshine,

Just like the mighty sun that does not let monotony hurt it,

I push myself to the chores of life,

For there is something to cling on to

The world around me is built on

The strong foundations of faith and belief, Continue reading

The Fragile Idiots

I sipped my hot chocolate watching the cold breeze come in through the door. The warmth of the cup kept me alive, considering the cold month of December. But there was something else about the month of December. Everyone around me was happy – there were families, couples, and friends.

And then there was I. I was happy too, in a way. My life is more stabilized and sorted, in a way. I had accomplished before I came here. There were ups and downs. Yet there was something missing. A missing step. Every time I step on it, I skip a heartbeat. An anxiety that I could not shake off. A fear that I could not resist. They said that flipping your switch off makes you immune to all kinds of emotions. But that does not seem like a possibility. For fear is also an emotion and a strong one. Being apathetic does not mean that you do not care about anything in the world.

“Hey, sipping all by yourself.” He suddenly interrupted my thoughts.

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